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Editorial by Jean-Pierre Favennec
 Mar 20, 2023
SIEPA 2023 (7 and 8 March 2023 in Dakar – King Fahd Hotel) - WE ARE THERE

In a few days, the 20th International Exhibition of Energy and Petroleum in Africa will take place, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

During two days we will discuss all the challenges of energy: production of new oil and gas fields, development of the need for oil products, widespread access to electricity thanks to gas and renewables, debate on the use of oil revenues, importance of local content, measures to cope with climate change.

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Oil and gas projects in Senegal

The Sangomar project is expected to come on stream at the end of this year and provide about 100,000 barrels per day.

The GTA project will be operational shortly and will deliver 2.5 million tons of LNG per year. It will also supply the Senegalese and Mauritanian markets with natural gas, and in particular provide fuel for a power plant in Saint Louis.

Projects in the sub-region

Despite the progress noted in our previous edition, oil production has been declining in recent years. The area's reserves are significant, but investments are not forthcoming.

Two major gas pipeline projects are in the news: the trans-Saharan gas pipeline that would link Nigeria and Algeria via Niger, a very old project that seemed to have been abandoned but has been revived; the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline that would run along the African coast and could capture and redistribute the region's significant resources, and even transport them to Europe. It is not certain that these projects will materialize.

Rising fuel prices

Many governments have had to increase the price of diesel fuel, especially gasoline, significantly (the impact of an increase in the price of diesel fuel is very important for the economy, hence the "moderation" in increases. Some prices are approaching 1000 F CFA per liter, close to European levels, but for a purchasing power without comparison.

Best wishes to all

Jean-Pierre Favennec
Association pour
le Développement
de l'Énergie en Afrique

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